SENZA-PDN trial criteria

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There are many reasons people choose to take part in clinical trials. If you choose to participate, you may:

Gain access to a potential treatment that you could not get outside the trial

Help improve the treatment options for painful diabetic neuropathy for future patients

Be reimbursed for time and travel

Receive applicable study medical treatments at no cost to you

In order to participate in the SENZA-PDN trial, you must:

Have diabetes

Be 22 years of age or older at the time of enrollment

Have been diagnosed with painful diabetic neuropathy of the lower limbs, and:

  • be symptomatic despite having received treatment for a minimum of 12 months
  • have tried pregabalin (eg, Lyrica®) or gabapentin (eg, Neurontin®, Gralise®) and at least one other type of medication for nerve pain

Be an appropriate candidate for the minimally invasive surgical procedure required to implant the device

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